Your Words Carry Creative Power. What Are You Creating With Your Words? #wfj

February 22, 2010 by Lynne Lee

  • Who are you?
  • What is your mission on earth?

You are a spiritual being who temporarily lives in a body. A child of the living God. A King and priest to your God.  A joint  heir with Christ. You are in the Lord and His Spirit dwells in you . You are one with the  great I Am.

Wake up o sleeper and let the Glory of the Lord shine upon you.  Rise up and take hold of all that you are in Him. Become who you are.

You carry the Lord’s presence, wherever you go He goes too. Your words carry His creative power.

What are you speaking into being with your words?

 “When you speak My Word you are a conduit of the great I Am. Your words carry the power to cover this earth and the people in it with My grace and love and blessing. That’s why I tell you to speak My Word. It’s like a royal blanket of covering”?

What are you creating with your words?

This post was inspired by reading Nancy Slocum’s words from Jesus  – Do you speak my language?

My most gracious word contains the power of life I bestow on all My creation. Inherent in My words is the very substance of My faith that created everything in existence. It is available to create the extraordinary supernatural life I released out of My mouth for you to have.

Your life is God inspired. I exhaled it from unseen supernatural substance and I hold it all together. You hear me say over and over again to speak My Word for it shall surely not return void! My Word, just like Me, is eternal. There is no end to it which means there is no end to My love and My supply for I AM LOVE. My giving does not stop. My giving is lavish and it is My good pleasure.

Click here to read the remainder of the Lord’s message through Nancy 


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