Unmissable webinar series that will help you to grow your life

August 18, 2010 by Lynne Lee

Do your want to live YOUR life with more PASSION, PURPOSE, CLARITY, and FOCUS?

Then I recommend you join us for a series of free webinars – virtual seminars – where some of the world’s leading experts for the family, the marketplace, and communication share insight, wisdom and practical steps. Here is the link to register


You can pick up 3 free gifts just for registering for the series

=> Rick Grubbs – Redeeming The Time

       TIME = LIFE. When you waste your time, you waste your life.

       Discover what if means to redeem the time.

=> Dr. Bruce Cook – The Father’s Blessing

       Discover how to receive and share The Father’s Blessing
=> Dr. Francis Myles – The Spirit of Divine Interception

       If you want to break the cycle of living in trauma and then waiting for God to deliver you this webinar is for you.

You also get VIP access to the live Webinar Series – FREE!

7 webinars have already taken place, there are 17 more to go! Just click on this link to register


If the day and time doesn’t wirk for you you will be able to listne to the reply for a limited time

God’s Vision For The Workplace (Aug 24) – Os Hillman, Francis Myles
God’s Vision For Entrepreneurs (Aug 26) – David Van Koevering, Denai Vaughn
God’s Vision For Film making (Aug 31) – Ted Baehr, George Escobar
God’s Vision For Ministries (Sep 2) – Rick Joyner, Berin Gilfillan
God’s Vision For Leaders (Sep 7) – Bishop Joseph Mattera, Robert Ricciardelli
God’s Vision For City and Nation Transformation (Sep 9) – Gary James Bundy, ? Lance Wallnau, ? Ed Silvoso

God’s Vision For Prayer (Sep 14) – Mark Virkler, Abigail SlocumGod’s Vision For Social Media (Sep 16) – Glenn Steers, Lynne Lee
God’s Vision For Music (Sep 21) – Steve Siler, ? Jeff Deyo
God’s Vision For The Arts (Sep 23) – James Nesbit, ? Marie Umidi
God’s Vision For Coaching (Sep 28) – Dr. Joseph Umidi, ? Daryl Daughtry, ? Scott Wozniak
God’s Vision For Seminars and Webinars (Sep 30) – Dr. Joseph Peck, ? Tamara Lowe
God’s Vision For Media (Oct 5) – Chris Wyatt, ? Cindy Bond, ? Frank Pastore, ? Charles Stanley 

God’s Vision For The Jews And Israel (Oct 7) – Sid Roth, Rabbi Jamie Cowen
God’s Vision For Millionaires and Billionaires (Oct 12) – ? Ken Eldred, ? John Muratori
God’s Vision For The Great Commission (Oct 14) – Al Caperna, ? Graham Power


The wellness webinar will be available for another day – you can listen here http://bit.ly/dyHGtK the health content starts around 20 mins in

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