How Many Ways Can You Say Amazing?

March 8, 2011 by Lynne Lee

The reaction to the recently launched How To Hear God Coaching Program has been amazing and we would like to share with you some of the highlights so that you can be blessed too.

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How To Hear God Highlights

We’ve now recorded 7 of the 8 weekly sessions for the How To Hear God Speak Coaching Program. I am amazed at how the Lord has led us and what He has been revealing to us.

It’s wonderful to see how the people who opted to join us for the program are growing in spiritual awareness and progressing in hearing God.

We invite you to join us at 8pm UK time, 3 pm EST, on Tuesday March 8th for a NO COST virtual seminar.

During this seminar, Joseph and Lynne will be sharing some of the highlights from the How To Hear God Speak coaching program.

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Joseph Peck sensed the Lord saying,

“You are satisfied SIPPING My living water rather than DRINKING DEEEPLY from my reservoirs of plenty. Deep is calling unto deep.”

Be sure to join us and quench your thirst.

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