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May 28, 2010 by Lynne Lee

I Am Returning to My House – Bill Yount

Hebrews 3:6 But Christ as a Son over His own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.

“Tell Me Something…What Made Me Come Through Those Doors?”

Recently, I was ministering in a church in Pennsylvania. The week before this meeting, the congregation had gone into the community, praying over it and talking to people. During the worship I saw the presence of the Lord being established as a zone going out from that congregation into the community.

I saw this zone begin to cover the highway that ran past the church. I began to see drive-by healings and deliverances taking place. In the spirit, I saw a car drive by and a wife turning to her husband saying, “What was that? I just felt something leave my body!”

At the end of the service we were praying for healing for people at the altar. A man came staggering up the aisle to the altar and began to tell us something. He said, “Ten minutes ago I was in a bar, drinking. I left that bar and was walking down the highway past your church. Something told me to walk over to your building. I have been watching you all through the windows. Tell me something, what made me come through those doors?” He kept repeating his question over and over to us. “What made me come through those doors? What was it?”

We began to tell him that the Lord had drawn him into this building by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit was revealing Himself to him in spite of the alcohol that had him bound. The Holy Spirit had invaded that bar and was touching people inside of it. Within minutes, this man was kneeling and crying out to the Lord to save him and to change his life. A seven-year-old boy then put his hand on the man’s shoulder and asked him a question. “Mister, can I pray for you to receive the Holy Spirit?” I asked the pastor beside me if that was his little boy. He said, “No, we train all of our children to minister like this.” I could see then why a zone of God’s presence was being established so strong in that place affecting that community.

Church Buildings Will Begin to be Used by the Community More than Their Congregations!

Many have said, “Oh, how I miss the good old days. What happened to them? Can we ever get them back? When the power of God was so strong that alcoholics and drug addicts came staggering into meetings and were instantly delivered, never to go back to their sin and bondage…”

We must remember that our church buildings are not really God’s house…we are! The reason our church buildings become special to us is because we gather corporately to worship Him and He comes into our midst. Again I sense the Lord saying, “As in the days of old, I am returning to My house! Remember the former days and consider the things of old, for many of those ‘good old days’ are returning to My house! This house will be filled again as years gone by. Seats will begin to fill up as in the days of old. Balconies in churches will have to be used again.”

The favor of God and man will become so strong on congregations that public officials and communities will start asking to use church buildings for their meetings and events! The economy will be used as a leverage to unlock church doors for this.

These public gatherings will eventually come under the influence of the residue of God’s presence in these church buildings.

I can honestly say that our church building where I attend is being used more by our community than ourselves. It’s like we have given our building away to be used to bless our city. It is time that our church buildings which are being used only a few hours a week start being used 24-7!

I sense the Lord saying, “Rededicate your house to Me!”

It’s interesting that one of the meanings of the word “dedicate” means “to open (e.g., a building) to public use.” I sense the Lord is calling us to rededicate our lives, possessions and buildings for public use. Let’s go public!

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