God Loves You With An Everlasting Love – A Love Hug From God

February 4, 2012 by Lynne Lee

Did you know that EVERY good thing comes from the Father of lights with whom there is NO shadow of change? That means that things on this earth that are good wholesome and pure, are things that emanate from His heart.

I’m thinking of something as simple as a hug. Hugging someone you love is so good. Holding them close to your heart, letting them know that, not by a quick pat on the back, but by a big, secure embrace that they live in your heart tells them that even when physically you and they are not connected, that person is still very very much part of your heart, that you hold them dear, that they make a BIG difference to your life, that when you see them you are filled with joy and that when they are not present, you hold them up in your thoughts and your prayers, that all your best intentions are TOWARDS them and not against them.

These are faint glimpses in the natural world of spiritual realities. My loving Heavenly Father does this ALL the time. When I come to Him He longs to hold me in His embrace.

When I came back to Him after many many years of painful wandering away from Him, I had the most wonderful week when I described it as being ‘hugged’ by God my Father. I KNEW this. It was the literal fulfilment of the story of the prodigal son returning home to his Dad who ran to greet him long before he reached the village, put his arms around the dirty, wretched son that he had become, covered this lad in his rich garments to cover his son’s shame so that others wouldn’t see it, and hugged him to tell him that He had ALWAYS longed for this moment even in his son’s deepest darkest wanderings from home.

And for you today, there is a home in your Heavenly Father’s heart. Whether you are a long way from Him, or whether you are so close to Him that you can feel the breath of His Spirit on you, His heart beat of love to you and to His other children, He longs to hold YOU ever closer in His embrace.

ALL good things on Earth are but a faint shadow of Him, the Holy, Mighty, Everlasting, Eternal Loving Father of us all. He really IS this GOOD. This is the One Jesus came to show us. “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father …. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. No-one comes to the Father but by Me” “Father I pray that they may be One even as you and I are One” said Jesus just before He went to the Cross to surrender His life for you and I to make this way open at last.

“Now this is eternal life: that they may know YOU, the ONLY true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” John 17:3

The Bible encourages us to “Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD”!

This is an echo of the Father’s heart for you today. If you have already come to Him through Jesus His son, then this is His heart for you today as you come to Him.

My child, I long to be with you and hold you close in my embrace. I love these times when you come aside just to be with Me, just to feel how much I want to share my love for you, how tightly I want to hold you and let you know that you are always in my thoughts. I have nothing but good intentions, plans and desires for you. If you let Me, I WILL take care of ALL your ways. Come close, spend time with me, feel the warmth of my embrace for YOU. You are the special child I always planned to be with Me for Eternity since even before the dawn of time.

I have many many mansions in my Heavenly Kingdom and there is one I have built just for you. That is where you are going if you walk closely with me for a little while here on Earth. These mansions are prepared for ALL those children that come to Me through Jesus My Son.

Your times on Earth are a very brief moment. They are like the shutter on a camera. It opens faster than you can see and takes a picture of the eye the camera sees. So are all your days in my sight. From Eternity, I have taken a picture of ALL of your days, faster than the blink of an eye I can do this. So I see EVERYTHING in your days. I know the beginning from the end. I see the whole picture.

You see just one day ahead because the ones who will inherit My Kingdom live by FAITH and the simple trust of a child with His Father that ALL your times are in My hands. So give this day to Me, come away for a while in the day and let Me hug you, hold you, share the deepest thoughts I have for you and for your life, the plans I have for you and all those you love. All the things you worry about, I care for too because I love you. But I want you to know that this day is in my hands as is tomorrow, as the next day, there all ‘pictured’ in the photo of ALL your days that I have planned.

You say “But Lord, today is such a dark day, you seem so far away and I cannot bear the pain of the things you ask me to go through”. My child, I use EVERYTHING for your good and for the plans of ALL the snapshot of your life. ALL the colours of your life are necessary to release the immensity and glory of the photograph I have taken of your destiny. From the brightest splashes of joy to the deepest hues of despair, ALL is taken into account to display the wonder of the loving plans I have for you.

For this photo is an imprint of the One who is closest to my Heart, my One true Son, the Lord Jesus. He gave up His life, the One Son I had, so that in Him I could bring many, many sons and daughters into my glorious Kingdom of light, so that I could rescue them from darkness, rescue YOU from darkness and bring you Home to Me, your loving Heavenly Father from whom you wandered so long.

For a while, a mere snapshot of time, I ask you live on this Earth, to know its joys and its trials so that, as did my Son, My snapshot of your life would become the very image of Jesus. It is my intention for ALL those who love Me and who are led by My Holy Spirit, that in ALL my true sons and daughters, I see the very image of my precious Son. He walked through the darkness of Calvary to bring You to glory stamped with His very righteousness, His image in you.

So, whether in joy or in pain, rejoice in ALL I take you through. Trust me your loving Father. All I have for you is to make you more like my Son. And one day you will see that ALL your days were a snapshot of time I formed for that great day when you will be with Me forever and I WILL wipe away every tear from your eye. I love YOU with an Everlasting love. It cannot, will not falter as you trust Me until I accomplish ALL that I have planned for you. Be at peace in the warmth of my embrace today, that is all I ask. Come aside and listen to the beat of my Father’s love for you.”

Thanks to my friend Mark Purves for this beautiful message

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