Meet Lynne Lee

I have known God since I was 19, though when I look back I can see that He was always guiding me as I journeyed in search of the truth.

Once I knew the truth of who God is, I determined to put God first in all things. Christ is at the centre of my life, I can’t live any other way. I am always looking to follow God and His ways.Lynne Lee Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer

When I was 30 I met Tim. He is a godly man who also has a heart for God. We married after knowing each other for just 18 weeks and went on to have 5 children who all walk with the Lord, we are truly blessed.

For many years we have promoted the prophetic together, and endeavoured to help others to hear God and live life guided by the  Holy Spirit. We know that we serve a supernatural God and are called to help others to discover the depth of the riches that we have in Him.

In 2006 God led me to create a web presence and I launched my blog, A Closer Walk With God I followed this in January 2007 with my Christian Life Coaching site.

your-talent-is-God-gift-to-you-what-you-do-with-it-is-your-gift-to-him-Leo-Buscaglia-p I love coaching. I love the idea of coaching, the concepts behind it  and the breakthroughs  it produces. I never tire of seeing how even small changes of  perspective can lead to big changes in people’s lives. I really enjoy seeing people  come alive and move forward.

 I’ve been helping people to help themselves for over 30 years. I love helping people  to discover who they are in God and find ways to tap into their potential.

I love helping people to overcome obstacles by sharing tools and techniques to help  them get their life back on track. I get a real buzz out of helping people to fulfil their  dreams.

I have written many articles on spiritual and coaching topics and more  recently hosted online seminars and launched the Christian Life Coaching Cafe

I enjoy making a difference. Not everyone either needs or can afford a life coach. Providing information and inspiration in newsletters, and making material freely available on my website and in my blogs, means that I can reach more people and help them be the best they can be in God.

You’ll get more of a feel for who I am if you read my coaching articles and take a look at the free coaching resources and tools.  If you want to know more about the life coaching services I offer, or if you want to contact me, just click on the links.


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