Restoration Is On The Way

July 13, 2012 by Lynne Lee

Be encouraged to believe that restoration is on the way. I really do believe that God’s plan is to restore that which was lost or stolen from us. Here is what the Lord had to say through Patricia King:

Get ready for RESTORATION. God has loosed Angels of Restoration in this season. They are dispatched to serve Believers in the following ways:

  • Restoration of relationships
  • Restoration of financial losses, houses, and businesses
  • Restoration of talents and gifts
  • Restoration of lost inheritances
  • Restoration of positions
  • Restoration of health and strength
  • Restoration of the soul

Many testimonies of restoration will be trumpeted in this next  season. Every testimony will produce more. The testimonies will be like  seed sown into a garden.

Here are several decrees you can sow into your areas of life that needs restoration:

Be blessed to walk in restoration


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