Is The Lord Calling You To Train As A Life Coach?

September 5, 2012 by Lynne Lee

If you have a passion to help people get unstuck and experience breakthroughs in their thinking, values and life purpose, life coach training will equip you to help them more effectively.

If you start training this month you can be equipped and qualified to coach by December!

“I learned so much not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. I have grown emotionally as a result of the training and that has had a positive effect across my whole life. Lynne also offers complete support to grow your coaching business. I cannot recommend this course enough!”

It is NOT too late to become a qualified life coach before Christmas. I have openings for training beginning on 19th September. If that day and time doesn’t work for you contact me and I’ll see if I can schedule a class at a time that will work for you.

If you already know that Christian coach training will help you fulfil your vision and are waiting for an opportunity to receive the best training available today at a price you can afford you’ll find details of our training here

=> Do people seek you out for advice?
=> When they need a listening ear do they turn to you?
=> Would you liked to be equipped to help them more effectively?

This training isn’t just for people who want to set up business as a life coach. If you are a minister, or small group leader, or if you teach, or work with people pastorally, this training will equip you to help the people in your care to change and grow so that they can become who God intended them to be and take hold of what He has for them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself to help the people God sends your way. Master the skills you need so God can use you more effectively!

Christian coaching isn’t complicated and you can learn how to be an effective coach in just 10 weeks.


Love and blessings,


PS This program gives you all you need to start your ministry or coaching practice. By the time you get your certification, you will be fully equipped to get started as a coach!

And as you train you will find that your life undergoes a transformation too. Take a look at what Amanda had to say about the training.

“This course took me from a place of very little knowledge about coaching to a whole new world of breakthrough for myself and others!! I loved the course and I love coaching!! I especially love the way that as a result God is beginning to use me to partner with Him to see lives transformed. It is so powerful!”

PPS If you have questions feel free to call me on 01332 735246 or simply leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer your question here.

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  1. Lynne Lee says:

    Did you wonder about this too?

    “Do you actually do some coaching during the training, if so, how is this done? Also, how much work do you have to do – or is it listening and learning?”

    The course involves reading, listening and actually doing. We do expect you to do some coaching as part of the training but we don’t expect you to do that with an audience.

    When you take the group coach training we can help pair you up with another student so that you can practice coaching each other and give
    each other feedback. This is done in-between the training sessions.

    Or you can find people amongst friends and family who would appreciate some coaching and are willing to be part of your learning.

    The course involves listening to audio online, doing coaching exercises, actually doing some coaching, and attending live on-line teaching sessions once a week. The live training sessions last
    for around an hour and are mostly me teaching, asking an occasional question, and answering your questions.

    To get the most from the course you will need to set aside between 5 and 10 hours each week for the live class, reading, personal coaching exercises, personal reflection, and some practice coaching.

    You need to buy 2 books, apart from that all the materials you need are provided.

    I fully support my students every step of the way.



  2. Lynne, your gifts for encouragement and support, for bringing clarity and helping folks stick to the main thing – are unparalleled! I’d highly encourage folks to take advantage of any opportunity to work with you one-on-one!

    Thanks for the impact you’ve made on my life!

  3. Lynne Lee says:

    Lisa thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for leaving such a lovely endorsement. From you, that is high praise indeed 🙂

  4. Debra Yarbrough says:

    Hi Lynn, My names is Debra, I would like to receive some more information about this training. I live in Deer Park, Tx not sure this will work. I have felt lead for a long time to help others who are stuck. God has blessed me with freedom from being stuck in a lot of pain from my past. I have learned a lot from all that God has taught me. I find it very easy to talk to others and others seem to open up to me without any hesitation. I feel that God has given me a gift of compassion, to teach others how to see where they are stuck, to accept what they see, to recognize what being stuck has done to them and others, how to repent, and how to follow God’s word in obedience to freedom. Thank you for your time.

  5. Lynne Lee says:

    Debra I’m sure we could find a time that would work for you to do the training. I have a lot of students from the USA. Form what you say it sounds like you have areal heart for people. Please do get in touch and I’ll see if I can arrange a class at a time that would work.

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