God Is Calling You To Have A Closer Walk With Jesus

December 9, 2009 by Lynne Lee

If you really want a deeper, more intimate walk with God you will proably need to change some priorities, but it’s worth it! Life will work much better when you walk more closely with God.

ย The Lord has made it abundantly clear that He wants me to re-order my priorities. I have become very busy with doing many good things and God is saying,

“Put your relationship with Me first!”

So, I am laying aside many of the things that have kept me busy and going back to giving the Lord first place in my life. I hope that you’ll join me.

God doesn’t want you to do more for Him, He wants you to spend more time with Him.

Abide in Me

He says, “I am the vine, and you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, bears much fruit; without Me you can do nothing.”

Your heavenly Father wants you to choose to be with Him more of the time. He longs for you to choose to spend more of your day with Him.

I strongly encourage you to become closely connected then stay closely connected. Remember, without God you can do nothing of any lasting value.

If you want to grow in God, then you can no longer settle for giving Him second or third or fourth place. Make friendship with God your first priority.

Are you ready to give God FIRST place in your life?

What will you do differently to make sure that you give God His rightful place?

I am going back to spending the first part of the day with God. For me, that means meditating on His word, writing down what I hear Him say, and acting on what I hear.

What does it mean for you?

I hope you will leave your response below.

Lynne Lee
Christian LIFE Coach
“a pen in God’s hand, giving LOVE a voice”

P.S. This blog is for people who are serious about developing a closer walk with God – you will find resources, inspiration, encouragement and practical help to become more aware of God’s presence and discover how to hear God through the many different ways He speaks to you.

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  1. Jerry Graham says:

    Great post, Lynne. I love the look of your new blog. Very focused!
    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your gentle reminder that we need to give the Lord the first part of our day. I have been working on training my mind to be more aware of God’s continual presence, 24/7. I have found that, to the extent that I can maintain an awareness of His presence, the more peaceful I am in the midst of all the activity of the day. This is somewhat akin to the practicing the presence of God that Brother Lawrence wrote about so many years ago.
    God bless,
    .-= Jerry Graham´s last blog ..How Can I Make A Difference? =-.

  2. lynnelee says:

    Putting God first and giving Him the first part of our day is a powerful key to unlocking our future in Him.

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  4. Rhia Lorenzo says:

    Thank you for this blog… I am trying to walk closer with Jesus… but I really don’t know how. And after reading this… I’ve realised that just starting the day with devoting my time to God is enough…

    I pray that may learn to reorganise my priorities and always put Jesus FIRST!


    Thank you again…

  5. Lynne Lee says:

    I appreciate your comment Rhia. Glad you’ve found inspiration here. A closer walk with God very much depends on the choices you make. choose well ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Angela says:

    I have lost the intimacy with God due to not spending time, so till I got to the point where I wasn’t barely praying. I’m now at a stage where I’m longing to get back the intimacy and spend time with him. I find it very difficult to do in the morning as I have to get up very early for work and thats hard enough, so for me, I need to find another part of the day. So many distractions makes it very hard, but I know its something I have to do, otherwise, I’ll become even more lost without God. The only stable thing, people come and go but He remains the same, even when we mess up. Glad I came across this blog. Thank you!!

  7. Lynne Lee says:

    I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment.

    Even if I have a busy day ahead I make sure I connect with God as I’m getting washed and dressed and eating breakfast – it sets the tone for the remainder of the day. I always talk to God when I’m alone in the car after I’ve dropped Barney at school. And I make a point of stopping for a few minutes in the midst of busyness to reconnect and tune into the God who is always with me.

  8. Lynne Lee says:

    Sometimes first thing in the morning doesn’t fit with your life. For a long time I found evening after the children were in bed was a good time for me.

    There are days when I don’t get to spend extended times with God, but I find that speaking with God when I’m doing mindless things helps me to plug in and maintain the connection and two way dialogue.

    Glad you like my blog. If you put your email address in the box on the right you’ll be notified each time I post something new. It will serve as a gentle reminder to continue developing intimacy with God.

    Be blessed


  9. egi says:

    Thank you.It’s re-assuring to know that God wants us to get intimate with Him.In responding I have formed the habit of spending quality time with Him during the early hours of the morning but I need to become more MINDFUL of His word during the course of the day.
    It is so..o..o easy to get going with various responsibilities, one thing after the other, that at the end of the day I always wondered how come I am not as conscious of His presence like I should have.
    Can you suggest to me what one can do?

    Thank you


  10. Keisha Leonard says:

    I am so grateful that I came across this page – please, please, please send more on spending time with God. I love Him so much but Iget busy with just the hustle and bustle of the day and sometimes leave God with my leftovers. I don’t wnt a tragic event to happen in order for me to seek Him daily.

  11. Lynne Lee says:

    I hear your cry…spending time with God is often the first thing to go when you’re busy. I recommend that you become intentional about spending time with God, make appointments with Him and guard your time together. if you are serious about growing yur relationship with god…this affordbale coaching program will help you put things in place

  12. Darryl waters says:

    Thank you for posting this, there is nothing more important than our relationship with the Lord

  13. Dawn Leming says:

    I have been praying that I can renew the excitement i once had for God. Please keep me in your prayers. I am looking forward to God opening my heart, mind and soul to seek him and spend more time with him everyday. I miss the relationship i once had and the excitement i once felt.

  14. Lynne Lee says:

    As you sow into your relationship with the Lord He will fulfill this desire of your heart. It helps to be intentional about spending quality time with the Lord. When can you schedule time to simply be with Him and enjoy His presence?

  15. Mike Cox says:

    I’m seeking a close walk with GOD, I just do not know how. I just need to know that GOD is near. I’m in some very hard times right now with my health. I have not lived the life I should have, but now i’m in this situation I NEED GOD in my life.It’s shameful that I have waited for sickness to come to realize or to turn to christ. I just would like to know the comfort that GOD is near. I would hope to feel the peace that my soul will be with GOD.

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