Are You Walking In Circles? Are You Ready To Follow The Cloud Of The Lord’s Presence?

January 26, 2010 by Lynne Lee

As I was reading MOVE WITH ME AS MY GLORY CLOUD MOVES! by Nancy Slocum of God’s Whispers, I was reminded of our need to keep our eyes on Jesus and hold on lightly to the things off this world if we don’t want to keep on circling the same ground.

This is what Nancy wrote

The Lord said in the very timely word from Bertha Hinson, WFJ: The Cloud Is Moving… Just as I led Moses and My people by My cloud, I am moving My people today! You must be watching and believing in the spirit for what I am doing.

Come under My cloud of protection and move with Me. Seek My face for My wisdom so you can know what I am doing and where I am moving if you want to be where My power and anointing are being manifested. You must abide in Me and My Word!

You can’t stay in the same old places from the past. You can’t do things the old ways because I am taking you to new heights and I’m calling for different ways of doing things – that is if you want to do and have the things you have never done or had before.

This is a brand new decade. I’m taking My people to greater heights and I’m calling YOU to be supersensitive to the leading of My Holy Spirit. Your eyes cannot be on the past or the things of the past. Keep them on Me and My Word so I can show you mighty wonders! People are groaning to see the manifestation of the Sons of God, so stick with Me like glue and I will show up and show out in mighty ways for the whole world to see!

Keep moving with Me. This is indeed a supernatural season. I need all hands on deck to carry out My plans and My Word. You are My hands, feet, heart, and mouth in this earth. You are My body and My fullness in this earth and through our covenant partnership you give Me access to reach the unreachable.

The glory cloud is moving and it’s time My people move with Me. Don’t get ahead of Me and try to do things on your own. Don’t lag behind. Stay in Me for I say in My Word that it’s not by power or by might but by My Spirit that I will have My way. You must decide whether or not you will move with Me and keep up with Me on My glory trail. There is no greater place to be than in My presence where the glory is! Stay with Me. Keep the things that are close to My heart close to your heart … Just move with Me in My Spirit and you will be satisfied and protected and fulfilled.

Nancy Slocum “A pen in God’s hand giving LOVE a voice”

Prayer Power

Father of glory, lead us by your Holy Spirit. Help us “to see” your glory cloud supernaturally. Give us hungry hearts like a bulldog with his bone. Cause us to pursue your holy presence with wild abandon and to never let go. For we know that in your presence is fullness of joy and our true heart’s desire. Thank you that we can run to you for cover and abide in perfect grace with you for evemore in Jesus name. Amen.

God was like a cloud by day and a fire by night for the Israelites. When the cloud moved they followed it, and the fire let them know that the Presence of the Lord was still with them in the night. Let us make sure that we follow the cloud of His presence and dwell in the light of His Fire.

Unless the Lord goes before us it’s better that we don’t move out. And when the cloud does move we need to be sure we’re not so attached to our present that the stakes are driven so deep that we can’t easily loosen them and follow. We need to make sure that we are ready to lay down our own plans and follow wherever the Lord leads whatever it costs.

Proverbs 4 says, “I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths”

Make sure that you don’t end up walking in circles like the Israelites

 Because it turns out that lost people really do walk in circles without landmarks to guide them Click on the link to see a very interesting article that shows that  only people  who can see the sun or moon manage to travel fairly straight.


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